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The Poop Scoop Newsletter,
February 10, 2016

Welcome to another issue of the Poop Scoop.  Where it's my ultimate goal to Teach, Inspire & Empower you to become the best worm farmer you can be...Plus a lot more!!!

 In This Issue...

1. Win Prizes in a Raffle Drawing (Click Here)

2. A trusted Worm Source, Especially for Help With a CFT System (click Here)

1. Win Prizes in a Raffle Drawing...Yuge! eBook Discount Below!

YEAH! It's Back! The Great WFR Raffle Drawing! $370 in Total prizes.

My Fellow Revolutionists! & Newsletter Subscribers

I thought it might be fun to play a game while we are waiting for the Revolution Paperback book to come to fruition.

Anyone who's offering a product knows it's not so easy to get a review for the product. I'm the same way when I buy something, "Yeah...Yeah...Yeah just give it to me and if there's a problem I'll let you know." I get it! It had better work the way it's advertised, right?

So I am asking for your help. I want to reward you for rewarding me. For those that have read the eBook "The Worm Farming Revolution" I would appreciate an honest review of the book. It can be a good review or a really terrible one as long as it's honest.

The more reviews that are submitted the better decision someone can make when deciding to purchase the book. I would hate to buy something if it's not what I thought it was.

So here's where the reward comes in. All submissions will be placed in a raffle to win...

  • 1st Drawing (6 Prizes)
    Worm Inn or Worm Factory 360 $110 Value
    1 pound of red wigglers or European Nightcrawlers. $35 Value
    All eBooks/publications by me
    The Revolution (give to a friend since you already have it) $20 Value
    WFR's Secret Recipe $15 Value
    The Worm Farming Presentation & Slide Guide $15 Value
    12 Coloring Pages $0 Value
    $195 Total Value
  • 2nd Drawing (3 Prizes)
    Worm Inn or Worm Factory 360 $110 Value
    1 pound of red wigglers. $35 Value
    Your choice of a single eBook from above $15 + Value
    $160 Total Value

  • 3rd Drawing (1 Prize)
    Any eBook from above of your choice
    $15 + Total Value

And All I want in return is your input :)

Click Here to Order 50% off. That's Only $10
(This is only being offered to my subscribers and likers and nowhere else)

Sorry, but worms can only be shipped in USA, but you could have it sent to another recipient. eBook downloads ship world-wide. You may also donate your eBooks to another recipient if you already own them.

I would still love to have your review even if you don't want to be considered as a player. Your review will help so many people make the right choice.

This will come down on Monday the 29th of February CST (Kansas, USA).

You must leave an honest respectable review in order to be eligible. I may remove your review/testimony if it's ugly/suspicious. I must see your name as the purchaser of the Revolution eBook to be eligible unless you can give me other info concerning it.


*Watch the video back at the Revolution Headquarters to see who won after 2-29-16 and then contact me within a week.

If I can't get a hold of you after a week, you forfeit the winnings.

With that said, Happy reviewing everyone. OH! If you haven't read the book I suggest you get it ;) Everyone who has previously submitted a review is already entered. Worms shipped USA ONLY or to a USA recipient/charity of your choice!

Thank you so much everyone, not just for your participation, but for your support throughout the entire project :)

fill out the form to leave a review back at the Revolution Headquarters or the Book Page.

2. A Trusted & Knowledgeable Worm Source


I have a small list of worm farming friends around the world who I consider knowledgeable. These are also people I can TRUST to give honest and accurate guidance for those who are seeking REAL help without the worry of being caught up in catchy "Used Car Salesman" lingo.

I'll be growing my list (just like the great links in the Revolution book) of such trusted names in worm farming. This will come with each newsletter as time goes on. You signed up for this newsletter because you're wanting good information. This can come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you just want to be updated or pointed in the right direction. Even thought this newsletter is free, you've put your vote of confidence in me and I need to honor that.

There are a lot of websites, in any given topic, that are full of hype. It might sound good, but when put to the test, fails miserably. From time to time, I meet like-minded people in many different fields. I watch them, listen to them, and then wait, wait, & wait. When I see that their actions match their words and that others benefit from their advice, that's when my suspicion turns into a conformation which turns into a vote of confidence.

I've had the privilege of getting to know Brian "The Worm Man" Donaldson, from Australia. He's the publisher of He's been interested in worms since 2001 and is still going strong. As a matter of fact, I think stronger than ever. I've never been to Australia to meet him personally, but I think I can honestly say that he spends more time helping others than he does himself.

He's not only a website publisher, but also has a YouTube Channel, Facebook, and a G+. If you're looking for honest and dependable information (especially with a CFT system), The Worm Man has my vote of confidence and has been vetted by WFR's stringent T.I.E (teaching, inspiring, & empowering) test.

So please! Head on over to be enlightened by Brian.

He doesn't know I'm bragging about him so tell him Pauly sent you ;)

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~Pauly Piccirillo

To Teach, Inspire & Empower you to become the best worm farmer you can be...Plus a lot more!!!

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