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The Poop Scoop, Homemade Facial Mask?
December 11, 2012

My Wife's Dirty Little Secret ;)

I'm always thinking of ways to use the castings, both in conventional and unconventional ways, but I would say this is definitely on the unconventional side and somewhat controversial (at least for now).

Okay, This ones for the ladies and maybe a couple of guys. You have to be either crazy or a little eccentric (you must be rich to be considered eccentric so I guess my wife's crazy).

You may have heard of "Geisha" (bird poop facials) by some Hollywood red carpeters like Tom Cruise just to mention one name. Well I would like to say that my wife saw this on TV or read about it in a magazine but...NOPE! She thunk it up all on her own.

I'm holding in the jokes just as hard as I can, (like bad gas) :p

You can read this Poop Scoop or go to the new homemade facial mask page.

Okay here's the scoop on the poop (Shoot!.....No, I didn't mean poop-chute. I just messed up again). I don't know what she was thinking at the time or even how it entered into her head but yes, it has to do with "worm poop". I'd like to think that she thought of something new but it didn't take me long to find a worm poop facial product on the Internet. It's called "Wrinkle Butter". It's the only one that I know of so far.

Let me tell you what my wife thinks of her own creation/product (in her own words).

"The homemade facial mask, made from worm poop, leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated, softer and with tighter pores. My face also felt tingly and energetic." ~Joanna

I think it really has to do with the fact that she knows of the many beneficial qualities contained in worm castings and that it's a living, breathing organism. We know that these organisms attack other organisms. Are they feeding upon weaker ones? Are they attacking the bad bacteria on our skin? I don't know but I do know that the proof is in the "pudding". Whoops! I slipped up on that joke.

We know, as worm farmers, that amazing things happen inside the gut of a worm. Castings are teaming with beneficial microbes. When the castings dry on the hands they feel a little tighter. Castings can set up like a brick. This shrinkage pulls your skin pores together and draws the wrinkles tight.

Now I won't say that I have beautiful hands. Because I'm not sifting through a bunch of poop everyday or every week, even sometimes once a month and I'm a little rough on my hands . However, using it frequently could probably show some great results as with Wrinkle Butter.

Wrinkle Butter contains mostly oils. Earthworm Vermicast extract is listed as the 8th ingredient. It is understandable since the castings can dry so very hard, suck the moisture right out of your skin and so you would need something to hydrate your skin like coco butter or shea butter. My wife's preference is extra virgin coconut oil. She says it's wonderful for taking the makeup off your face too. It's a "two-fer".

Here is an excerpt from Fresh Beauty Market (maker of Wrinkle Butter)

"Earthworm castings naturally contain humates, auxins, kinetins and cytokinins that act as plant-growth regulators. They stimulate cell growth, uptake of nutrients and even act as an anti-aging compound that slows the decay of plants. Each of these compounds has been shown to have the same anti-aging benefits when applied to human skin. In fact, the most expensive and well regarded anti-aging products contain one or more of these hormones, but in tiny doses as compared to earthworm castings."

They also have user's claiming that it is healing or has healed their severe psoriasis and eczema. I would also be curious if it heals other skin related issues like flaking from candida fungus.

Alright! So here's her dirty little secret that you may want to use for yourself.

1. All you need is a small amount of worm castings and mix it with unchlorinated water. I say unchlorinated because the chlorine is designed to kill ALL microorganisms. You want to keep them alive. This is where you get your youth.

2. Start mixing it into a paste just thin enough to spread it on the skin without it dripping. This will also help it dry faster.

3. Let it set for 10 min. on the skin or until dry.

4. Thoroughly rinse with water and a wash cloth, (any water will do at this point).

5. She then hydrates her face with organic, extra virgin coconut oil. She swears by this oil as it is wonderful for the skin. She even uses it to take off her makeup. Leave the oil in as a moisturizer and you're done.

We get this oil in a 5 gallon bucket on the Internet but you can find it at Whole Foods and almost anywhere. (contact me for a great price on a 1 or 5 gallon bucket)

Again in her own words,
"My skin felt rejuvenated, softer and with tighter pores. My face also felt tingly and energetic too." ~Jo

You can mix it with anything like avocados, essential oils, cucumbers, etc... as long as you are using the living castings. Also be sure to use 99% castings. You must be possitively sure that it is fully composted. You don't want to put anything on your face that is still dying or rotting.

Well, there you have it. Nothing but a load of crap! (dang it, did it again ;)

Here is the link to the worm poop homemade facial mask if you want to see pics of my pretty little wife with poop all over her face, (oh this can't be right!)

All the best,

P.S. There's a great book with a lot of homemade skin recipes you might be interested in. It's called Skinsational by Sue Dolan. You can check her out at WFR. again the link for my new page is   Scroll down to the bottom. I have linked to her book.

P.S. I would also love to hear about your comments on this and how it works for you. Just go to the contact us page. Like I even have to ask?

Okay...Now let the jokes Rip!

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