Worm Madness

Worm Madness is one of my favorite worm games. You are an ancient worm and your slumber has been disturbed. You're very hungry and just like all worms if you don't keep eating you will loose your health. Just like inside a worm bin you have to move around and find all the yummy food only in this game the food is yummy little critters. But watch out because some of them will fight back by leaving explosive eggs or dropping things out of the sky. 

Use the arrow keys or click with your mouse to maneuver the worm. Eat the yummy goodies for points and health while staying away from bee bombs, grasshopper eggs, and other nasty creatures. Keep eating to keep your health up for as long as possible! I've seen a lot of worms kids, but none like this one.

Ok! Get ready to play!

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