Worm Games

Hey Kids! Want to play some Free worm games online? We've been working on several pages for kids (OK, you adults too. You know who you are). Just click on the links below to find more games. We are adding more games soon.

It's real exciting getting kids interested in worms and what a better way than games for kids online to peak their interest.

We also have Worm Coloring Pages and Fun Facts about worms. Okay, nuff said little worm wranglers. What are you kids waiting for? You got some apples to eat.

More Games Below!

We are currently trying to resolve some game coding issues. You may experience games not loading...Sorry for this issue.
WE are working on it.

Chomper Worm Game


Eat as many worms on the hook as you can but don't eat the green yucky ones and stay away from the big fish.

Worm Madness Worm Game

Worm Madness

This ancient worm wants to eat all the critters above and below the ground you are this worm. Watch out for explosives!

Kremlin Worms Game

Kremlin Worms

Believe it or not, this game is based on a true story. Help the Russian Governor eat all the worms or they'll eat you.

Worm & Rooster Coloring Page

This is actually a worm and rooster online coloring page. I just thought I would throw it in here.

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