The Urbin Grower

Urbin Grower

Urbin Grower

Set of 2 Self-watering containers
Only $
79.95 +S&H

The Urbin Grower comes with:

  • 2 growing containers
  • 2 soil separators
  • 2 watering trays
  • 4 gallons of dry coir
    with trace minerals
  • 2 gallons of pumice
  • set of seed trays
  • 1 bag of coir chips
  • 1 brick of coir mulch
Square Foot Garden

Set of 2 Self-watering containers
Only $
79.95 +S&H

The UrBin Grower is the perfect solution for those who have a limited space for gardening. It incorporates the square foot garden method with and endless water reservoir at the bottom.

It completely separates the water from the soil by a screen mesh to avoid over watering, but draws in water as needed. It also provides a continuous supply of your favorite organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs. 

It's perfect for urban grower families who want to make a garden on their porches, patios, and decks.

This system comes complete with not 1, but 2 growing containers and some of the best soil amendments and trace minerals a plant could ask for.

You can grow three different vegetables in a single container. That's up to six different types of plants for the urban grower to harvest from.

If you are concerned about how to garden and aren't familiar with the square foot garden method, this vegetable factory has you covered.

It's literally a "Set It and Forget It" type of grower. Use it any where! In the sun, in the shade, indoors and outdoors. The tray holds plenty of water allowing you to save on watering.

Because there aren't any holes in the bottom you won't loose any valuable nutrients that your plants need for sustenance.

How Does The System Work?

The Urbin Grower Diagram
  • Place the soil amendments that we provide you into the container (mix with worm castings or your favorite compost)
  • Place your seeds or seedlings into the seed trays. (Seeds not provided)
  • Transplant and water at top until the roots grow long enough to dip down to the bottom of the reservoir
  • Fill bottom reservoir tray with water and you're done.
  • The water, amendments, and many trace minerals will feed your plants for the rest of the growing season. We also recommend watering with worm tea.

The system comes complete with all of this below to help you make a garden utilizing the square foot garden method for the urban grower in you.

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