The Soil Cube Maker

The Soil Cube Maker is the best way to grow from seed.

If you want to learn how to grow the best fertilizer for plants then let me take you through the Free Worm Farming Guide. It has literally change my gardening life.
Okay now on to the Soil Cube Maker

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Soil Cube Maker


No More "Root Shock"

No more throwing money away on starter pots year after year. This little soil block machine will pay for itself in the first year and will last for years to come.

In traditional starter pots, the roots will grow from seed very fast and wrap around the inside of the pot exposing numerous roots when you pull it out to transplant the seedling.

The plant then has a difficult time trying to adjust to its new surround due to the exposed root system.

When you grow from seed using the Soil Block Maker the root stops at the edge of the soil block. It turns to grow in another direction.

This happens because the roots do not like being exposed to the dry natural elements. They like it in the soil where it's moist and nutritional.

After planting the soil block into the ground the roots will start to grow into the surrounding soil giving it time to adjust to its new surroundings and food source.

A plant can lose 1-2 weeks of growth due to root shock and sometimes you will lose the plant altogether. The Soil Block Maker is especially great for the melon family in which some of these can't be raised successfully in starter pots

So here's the break down:

  • Stop throwing money away on starter pots
  • Avoid unnecessary root shock
  • Plants grow from seed faster and healthier due to undisturbed root growth
  • Will save space as opposed to unused cells in plastic or peat flats
  • Will pay for itself quickly in the first few flats
  • Hand crafted as opposed to the energy spent in plastic manufacturing

A great tool to use to grow from seed, especially when using
worm castings!

Grow From Seed
How Many?

The Soil Cube Maker comes with:

  • The 2″ Professional Soil Cube Tool
  • Tongs for transplanting the cubes to your garden beds
  • Detailed instructions, and a recipe for making perfect growth medium

Grow from seed the right way.

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