Kremlin Worms

Ok Here is the story about Kremlin Worms and it is actually true.

A tweet by a Russian regional governor about earthworms served at a Kremlin reception has drawn anger from President Dmitry Medvedev's aide, who on Wednesday said the official should be fired for 'idiocy'. Dmitry Zelenin, the governor of the Tver region northwest of adjacent Moscow, wrote in his Twitter microblog that 'a salad with live earthworms' was served with beef at a dinner to honour German President Christian Wulff's visit on Tuesday. On his post, he attached a picture of the salad, which clearly showed an earthworm crawling on the side of the plate. Here's the link from Daily

Now, You're pretty upset but you're hungry anyway and my mamma always told me to eat everything on my plate no matter what. Eat them before they eat you.

Happy eating!

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