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What Makes A Worm Bin Tick?
April 05, 2018

The Beneficials Official Launch TODAY!


Hello Worm Farming Heroes!

First, if you missed last newsletter, “What Makes a Worm Bin Tick” check it out. It’s extremely informative. Especially if you want to be successful month after month with very few hiccups.

Secondly, I’m rebooting The Beneficials Project. We have moved The Beneficials Campaign to a new location at for more like-minded support.

As most of you know, the first campaign was unsuccessful, due to running it in December amidst the holidays.

I expected it may not reach the goal, but really had nothing to lose and everything to gain…and learn.

THIS TIME, in order to reach our goal, I’ve slashed the funding goal by half (10k) and I’m offering less products. By doing this I’m hopeful we can still reach our goal and GET THE STORY OUT!

I want everyone to know this story is about YOU!

If you started worm farming or gardening naturally because you're sick and tired of chemicals, GMO’s, or nasty pesticides THIS IS YOUR STORY!

Watch the Trailer

You’re a hero for doing what you do and The Beneficials are the heroes BEHIND the heroes.

It’s not a story only for kids. I guarantee you will fall in love with the perfectly-timed music, Illustrations, characters, and the 2-Hr message. You’ll fall in love with it mostly because it’s a reflection of who you are and why you embrace worms, microbes, and nature in general.

If you have read ANY of my writings or publications, I want you to know that THIS STORY is ABSOLUTELY the BEST, MOST EXCITING, and MOST POWERFUL thing I've every created. It has taken me years just to get to this point. (I even get quite emotional sometimes when reading or working on the story :)

This story will captivate you from beginning to end and make you feel proud to be a worm farmer. PLUS your family will never look at you the same again. They won't think you're crazy anymore, but think you're a HERO!

So, please help me get this story out to the world by showing your support. I’m only asking you to donate $1, $5 or more

Help me get your story out to people who need to hear the truth about where our food comes from and who the REAL heroes of the soil truly are. The more people who donate, even just one dollar, will show others that there’s a peaked interest in education, coupled with entertainment, for showing kids and adults that nature already has the answers. Nature does work, if we will let it.

If this campaign is successful, it will get us one step closer to animating the story and being on the BIG SCREEN someday! :)

Thank you so much for your support, and I really hope to see you at Barnraiser and your name in the credits next to mine :)

Now, Go Donate AND Go Grow Something Amazing this Spring.

See you next newsletter, ~Pauly

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