Making Compost Tea Tips vol 1

Are you making worm tea / compost tea? Your plants could very well benefit from the nutrient rich microbes that all plants need in order to produce healthy and vibrant fruits and foliage.

Hello fellow worm farmers. I want to talk a little bit about turning your rich castings or compost (if that's what you use instead of worm castings) into a tea that plants love to soak up like a sponge.

I talk a lot about worm tea at

This substance is unlike any feed for plants I've ever seen. Unlike the worm castings that's only in the soil, compost tea can be poured into the ground and all over the plant's leaves and fruit. This brings the plant alive from the inside out because millions of healthy beneficial microbes are now thriving in communities while the weaker disease causing microbes are dieing. 2012 is panning out to be a hot summer so far. If any plant could ever use a drink it would be now.

I've said that compost tea is like a power drink none-the-likes Jack Lalanne has ever seen and when the tea is used it awakens the plant's natural ability to fight diseases and repel pests. Worm castings and compost tea are not a panacea for all things but can you imagine life without it?

When I started using the tea I was completely amazed by what it could do in just one day. Now I use it every time I plant and more than I really need to.

For those that don't know how to make the tea, whether using compost or worm castings, It's relatively straight forward. Just suspend 99% composted castings or regular compost in a paint strainer in a bucket of bubbling water for 24 hours. Add molasses (unsulfured) and other nutrients like ground fish or liquid kelp or even some beneficial minerals and PA POW! You have "5 Hour Energy" in a bucket. Okay...I'm sure it lasts a lot longer than that :)

To learn how to make the tea go to

There are so many ways to make compost/worm tea just remember to stay with the basic principles and you should do well. On the site I tell you to use a paint strainer but this is not necessary. Only if you want to keep the castings separate from the tea is this important. However, using the paint strainer sometime before you put it on the plants will insure that you don't get it caught in your shower bucket.

Also don't be concerned if any worms or cocoons get into the brew. I promise you they will be okay. Worms breathe through their skin and the brew contains high levels of oxygen. You can always strain the worms/cocoons out and put them and the castings back into the worm bin to be used another day.

It's also okay to use the castings/compost from the brew as this will get down into the soil and out number those bad guys. The plant foliage would benefit from it as well. That is, if you have a sprayer or shower bucket with big enough holes.

Using minerals in the brew is a great idea. The microbes hang on and become attached to the mineral and when the plant feeds on the microbe it gets a good dose of minerals as well or visa-versa. Use the tea about every month or 3 week intervals or whenever you like but PLEASE just use "THE TEA". That's it for now. This is Pauly Keeping you in the "know" Happy Teaing :~)