An Extremely Well Paying Job

I'm going to show you why this business is an extremely well paying job compared to other contractor jobs or quick self-start-up businesses in the US. 

You'll even be amazed at how fast you can get started. In fact, you probably already have most the experience you need due to the ability to take care of your own home. 

I show you personal proof that this is one of the best paying jobs.

How much would it cost you to construct a building, hire & train employees, and market your business?

How much money would you have spent on just a 4 year college degree (including interest) before it would start paying you back for the years of schooling and lost time to only be uncertain if ANY company will have a position for you? Especially in a down economy.

Did you know that you could be (and several already are) making $300 -$3,000 per day in the property clean up business?

My partner and I bought Anthony Simonie's property preservation training course for hundreds and hundreds of dollars (he's drastically lowered it since then) and It paid for itself on the very first job. We've never been the same since. 

Okay, now I hate to admit it, but I'm sounding like one of those irritating, over-delivering, hyped up on red bull and full-of-fluff info-mercial dudes. So I'll get right down to business.

Here's proof of my personal well paying job.

My clients pay me to perform several jobs like: debris removal, sales cleans, lawn cuts, etc... and I invoice them for each job I do as well.

*Note personal information has been left or blotted out for proprietary reasons.

These are the check stubs from the year 2012. Typical jobs only take us 1 -3 days to complete so our clients can get their properties back on the market as soon as possible.

This is a $640 job that took us 1 day to complete. It involved debris removal, sales clean, and a lawn cut.

$640 well paying job

Another $790 well paying job. It took 1 day for a sales clean, lawn cut, and debris removal.

$790 well paying job took 1 day.

This was an eviction that payed $800 and took us 45 min. to complete.

The eviction consisted of putting all contents from the home out to the curbside. Another WELL paying job. Either we were bored or just relaxed for the rest of the day at home but I'll take either one.

We came back to this job another day and completed the services on it for $1,265 and then the initial secure was $126 for 2 doors and a returning lawn cut for $50.

A total of $2,241.00

I can't make this stuff up.

This happens all the time and all-year-round. Banks will do what it takes to secure, preserve, maintain and get these properties into the hands of a new homeowner.

$800 Eviction took 45 min.

Well paying job of $700 in one day. All the regular services were performed.

Well paying job of $700 in one day

$840 day-and-a-half job with some extra minor services provided. 
Net profit of $540.00

$840 day and a half job

This took 1 1/2 days to complete due to the tree removal.

$1,700 well paying job 1 and half days

$1,265 2 day job with a couple of extra services.

$1,265 2 day job

$595 1 hour eviction.

Actually all we did was change locks on 4 doors. The sheriff said not to move anything, but I charged the client for us having to show up.

$595 1 hour eviction

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't make money in the foreclosure maintenance and preservation industry. If this good ole Kansas boy can do it with a high school diploma in one hand and a rubber glove in the other (along with my family) then there's no excuse for you.

The only excuse you have for not getting into one of the best paying jobs in the US is the one you make up in your mind.

Just take a look at some more of my income.

$2,625.00 to trashout out a lake house.

It took us two days.The profit was $2,200...if I remembered correctly.

I gave my foreman a $100 bonus. He's worth every penny of it. I also fed the crew both days. 

I could have charged over $3,000 easily.  Here's the link for those pics.
The floor may have not looked very clean but then again it's not our job to replace it, but to get it looking the best we CAN so banks can get them back on the market ASAP.

A well paying job that took 2 days

Stack of check stubs from my clients as wide as my thumb.

Stack of checks from clients as wide as my thumb.

Here's the stack of invoices to prove it's not just a bunch of blank copy paper I pulled from the printer.

Stack of invoices to my clients
Stack of invoice to prove it wasn't blank paper

Believe it or not, this is my 3' x 5' office.

It's proof that you only need to be armed with a computer, printer and phone and be able to follow simple proven steps to start an extremely well paying job in the foreclosure property clean up industry.

Yes! This is my bedroom. I call it the master office.
(but you'll never catch me sleeping on the job 
or working hard at sleeping...not sure ; ) 

Pauly's 3x5 office in his bedroom

It doesn't really matter to me if you decide not to start an extremely lucrative well paying job in the foreclosure property preservation industry.

It only matters to YOU.

Sure, I've written a lot of pages concerning this business but I made my decision a long time ago.

I was approached by a true friend that cared about me, my family, and our situation at the time. He saw a need and put his own aside.

He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me back up to walk this journey together and now I'm paying it forward.

We get very few opportunities like this in life and this time, my friend was willing to share this one with me and now I'm sharing it with you and that's really all I can do.

So trust me when I say that it doesn't matter to me after I've spilled my guts to anyone that cares to change their life and their family's lives. 

It only matters to YOU...friend )

If you like where you are right now and you're certain that the economy is only going to get better from here on because the experts are "always right", then please stay where you are.

I have nothing to loose no matter what decision you make. This isn't the easiest job in the world but it's one of the funnest and coolest jobs you could ever have.

But if you're unsure about the future, the state of our economy, and your own job then you have everything to gain. Anthony will even give your money back.

I told Anthony that I would be as honest to you as I always am in my pages and newsletters.

So if I've given you enough information to get you at least a little excited then go put your name down for Anthony's free webinar. I'll give you that link one more time below.

Anthony Simonie's FREE Webinar

All the Best,
~Pauly Piccirillo 
Teaching, Inspiring Empowering

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If a worm farmer from Kansas can trash out foreclosed homes then so can YOU!

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