The Foreclosure Property Clean Up
A Recession Proof Business

I'm going to explain to you why this is such a great recession proof business to start up and maintain but not only in a "down economy" but in an "up economy" as well.  

If you think that this business only caters to the latest foreclosure trends then you're missing out on a job opportunity of a lifetime that will surely provide for all your needs for many years to come.

The Foreclosure Housing Bubble Misconception

It's true that there is definitely added job opportunities and a lot of foreclosures to maintain to get them ready to be put on the market due to the housing bubble collapse.

But does that mean this is a new industry or that the foreclosure property preservation just popped up or metastasized out of nowhere? 

That's like saying a hurricane created a new type of industry. No! This just means there is simply more work out there now. Demo crews need to demolish, carpenters need to rebuild, painters need to paint, plumbers need to plumb, roofers need to tear off and install new roofs, etc...

They also leave their home state to where the help is greatly needed. Likewise, many property preservation companies do this and go to where the heaviest foreclosures occur like Florida, California, Nevada, Illinois, Ohio, etc...

Although there's plenty of work in most states in their respective counties for the average small business man with 2-3 crews, these are probably large preservation companies.

A recession proof business in good times?

Well, just as there have always been contractors to perform these services so have there been banks needing people like us to prepare a home for resale and not just in the aftermath of a foreclosure storm.

The "F" word has been around for over 200 years.

Okay now, I'm talking about foreclosures here. I know it's an ugly word and I hate to see anyone be evicted. 

But it's nothing new and banks are only upholding there end of the contract. If a homeowner cannot pay what was agreed upon, he's given a certain amount of time to pay along with letters in the mail or phone calls until the inevitable happens and the "F" bomb is dropped, usually a notice posted on the front door. 

This ends up being a bittersweet circumstance for people like us who are in the "know" and are able to locate opportunities to act upon them.

We are accomplishing several things like: cleaning and preserving unattended homes which tend to lead to mold and several other hazards, we are increasing the curb appeal and therefore the price of other homes on the block.

Lastly, we are providing jobs for others who might likewise end up in the same situation. I've donated several items to those in need like appliances and clothing.

Here's why this is not just a recession proof business based on my own experiences as an REO property preservation contractor. I do get a lot of REO (bank owned) properties to trashout but not always because someone lost there job and couldn't fulfill their end of the contract.

Several times a neighbor, next door or across the street, has told me what happened to the homeowner (whose house we're performing services on).

It's not the economy, the homeowner passed away.

People pass away, and for whatever reason, it's now back in the possession of the bank. That's when the "F" word doesn't seem so bad. This is only going to increase with the amount of baby boomers in the United states. 

Also, people were losing their jobs way before the economy tanked. I'll tell you a personal story. When I first started this business I told my client, before the new year began, that she better hang on because this next year will be a record for foreclosures.

She replied, "Well I've been doing this for 8 years now and this is normal for us." That's when my whole attitude changed concerning a recession proof business in an down economy. This was her normal BEFORE the housing bubble burst.

So you see. We are needed in good times and bad times. So, are you still concerned about what might happen if this ride should ever come to an end or taper too thin to sustain?

It won't affect you because you have built a name for yourself.

You've out performed most property preservation companies out there and your client doesn't want to lose the relationship they have with you because your skills are desperately needed and they now have too much invested in you.

They would rather drop the other preservation companies that constantly need to be babysat and led by the hand due to their lazy incompetence. Some companies think that they can cut corners because they're so desperately needed when they don't realize that they're about to be replaced.

Trust me. There are a lot of contractors that just don't get it. They think banks are loaded with cash and they can charge whatever for a sloppy job. You must learn to identify problems and understand the industry. 

But you will have maintained your recession proof business even in good times because you have followed my advice and the advice of my mentor, Anthony Simonie. You must be able to build a relationship with your client and know their needs.

You have copied success and were willing to be led by the hand (but for a little while) till you could walk on your own two feet and be a help to others.

The only thing holding you back is YOU!

If you're ready to take action and build a recession proof business from the ground up that will thrive even in the best of times then I encourage you to listen to:

Anthony Simonie's FREE Webinar

(Some of his students are up and running in as little as a week)

But If you don't think you can follow simple instructions and perform simple services like lock changes, maid cleans and debris removal then I want to tell you to walk away because this is not for you.

The last thing I want to do is to try to convince someone to get into this recession proof business if their heart, soul, mind and passion isn't in it. You will not succeed in this industry if you don't want to do this.

I don't want that on my conscience. I've told my wife before I started to write these pages on the property clean up that I feel responsible to the thousands of you who listen to me and get excited about starting a business.

So PLEASE listen to me when I say that, unless you hire people to do the work (many do and this is taught also), don't get into this business if you don't like mowing and cleaning dirty toilets.

It's Not a Get-Rich-Click Business!
It's Not a Get-Rich-Click Business!
It's Not a Get-Rich-Click Business!

If you think it is for you then reserve your seat now.

I hope this has been encouraging and enlightening to you and has helped you make and informed decision.

All the Best,
~Pauly Piccirillo
Teaching, Inspiring, and Empowering

P.S. I hate to say this but with the recent healthcare law being implemented it will
       force many employers to make drastic cuts in their staffing as they will not be
       able to sustain the costs leading to even more unemployment claims. This will
       also lead to more foreclosures.

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If a worm farmer from Kansas can trash out foreclosed homes then so can YOU!

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