Property Preservation...Who To Contact For Jobs?

by Wayne Haning
(Albany, Ohio)

Hi Pauly,

I have almost given up on this Property Preservation scheem.

I have tried getting a contact to get a clean out repair job,, all the Banks, says they don't know where to go to find the contract information.

I even went to our local bank and they said we have our own repairman and grass cutter,
So I'm at a lost of where to try next.

I did have a contact on line (Name left out) But I believe they are just a scam, Had a vendors contract that scared me away, and they wanted me to sign my Insurance into their name,(I don't think so)

I am signed up for Anthony's webinar, so hope that will help.

It really appears that all I find is just a money making selling books scam,

So if you are doing so good at this, I'm hoping you can tell me where I can get a contract or 2 to see if this really works,


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May 30, 2013
Not a Scam...Just Poor Trainers
by: Pauly

Hello Wayne,

Sorry to hear that your journey in the foreclosure property preservation industry has been somewhat a disappointment and so far unrewarding.

There are a lot of people on the internet that know about the property preservation industry and have success at it.

Unfortunately, with the advent of the Internet, everyone is a "teacher" and everyone is looking to make money from what they know.

Sadly not everyone is a teacher but that's when you just need to go with your head, heart, and gut.

Signing up for Anthony's webinar will get you started on the right track. This is who I learned everything from and he IS the best teacher in the business.

The company that wanted you to put their name on your insurance is called an "AI" (additional insured) and this is common in the industry.

I always put my clients on mine and some demand it. This also should be a free service by your insurance company.

While some jobs can come from local banks this is not generally the approach you want to take.

Banks don't have the time to screen and hire people to maintain their properties. They hire other companies who hire companies like us.

Anthony will reveal a list of many companies who hire us, write a short one page resume, What to say and NOT to say that might land you a contract or never get a call again.

He'll also talk about what amounts to charge and how to bid services.

He has videos on how to perform several services. So if you know nothing about the industry then you'll be knowledgeable at lock changes, winterizations, boarding, etc...

His training manual also contains some HUD codes that you'll need to know to pass some of the easy tests that your clients may ask you to see how well you know the industry.

Anyway, Sorry again about your frustrations. It's really ALL about the right trainer who really wants you to succeed.

I could teach this industry to many people but I just don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Hang in there Wayne. There are a lot of jobs out there. Sometimes it just takes time.

I believe there's a lot of honest people trying to teach this industry to others but don't have the time or material to see you all the way to success.

Anthony's training manuals, videos, and Inner Circle website has all the necessary information you need to know for your future success.

Hope this gives you a little encouragement,

Nov 02, 2015
by: Melania Dawes

Very impressive post.

Nov 06, 2015
by: Allyson Bruder

Thanks for writing this post.

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