New Property Clean up Pics on 10-11-2012

by Pauly

Property Clean Up Garage-Before

Property Clean Up Garage-Before

Property Clean Up Garage-Before
Property Clean Up Garage-After
Property Clean Up Living Room-Before
Property Clean Up Living Room-After

Hello Everyone,

We recently completed a job down in beautiful Linn Valley, KS.
So I wanted to update the Property Clean Up page and show you our most recent job pics.

This was quite a task at hand as there was about 4 trailer loads of debris to remove. I have a 16'x 4'x 6' trailer I use and it can handle quite a load.

This job took 2 days to do (not including the roof tarping) and we pocketed enough money to live off of for the rest of the month. We don't run our business like that...just letting you know the potential you can make.

Anyway, I said it was beautiful Linn Valley, (at least when we were done with the house it was) :-)

Well...on to more trashouts!
Enjoy the pics and Happy Trashouts,
~Pauly Piccirillo

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