Looking for mentor

by chuck
(Lehi, UT, USA)

I've been in the process of buying an existing property preservation company here in Utah but can't get the financing needed. I decided to investigate starting my own.

I watched Anthony's webinar today and started researching him online. I notice some scam warnings and BBB complaints. Of course any business that is running awhile will have complaints, but my concern is that the consistent complaint was a lack of communication.

As a mentor timely and thorough communication is critical. Many of the comments from Anthony and his critics are from years ago. So, is he still offering the great service you reference?

Is it worth the money and is the business been really lucrative regardless of market conditions?



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Sep 24, 2015
Property Preservation Mentor
by: Pauly

Hello Chuck,

Your concerns are absolutely legitimate and your right about the BBB. Any business will have people unhappy with them because it's not possible to please everyone the way they want you too.

Plus any business will have competition in the form of negativity. I can't speak for those that have complained to the BBB but I do know that everything has been resolved and that those that have complained have been very few compared to the amount of business he has done.

As of this posting the business is still lucrative and has been ever since people have been taking out a mortgage.

2015 has seen its fair share of foreclosures as the rate is still 3x's the normal rate pre 2008.

We currently have 2 jobs this week for $4,000 per property. So the work is out there and the training is too. Although you will get the best training in this course, no one can guarantee you work in your area.

It's up to you to be diligent in filling out the applications to the companies we provide to you to list your business with plus the many other avenues for work.

I've seen a lot of people get into this business and just didn't realize it was hard work. I mean, we're talking about really nasty houses. It's stinky and dirty.

I'm very clear on this throughout my pages and warn people who may have a phobia to a little applied effort in the field of blood, sweat, and tears :)

My advice for you is to check your market using the map I give you on the first page and call some local REO agents. But there's more work out there than realtors.

Once your "in" and getting some work and training you'll be poised for the next BIG bubble that will make 2008 look like a cake walk.

Communication is extremely important to me as well as honesty. Some people hear but they don't listen or they only listen to what they want to hear which can be some of the issues in the BBB complaints.

Anthony's "inner-circle" membership Site has tons of questions and answers. Anthony will also be there to answer. I believe the first month is free in which you should be able to get all of your questions answered just by reading the Q & A's.

Thanks for your question and whatever you decide to do I wish you all the best.


Oct 05, 2015
Looking for mentor
by: chuck

Hey Pauly,

Thanks for responding. I bought the training and must say I am a bit disappointed. There doesn't seem to be a lot of actual training as Anthony promised, but rather a bunch of reference material and sample docs. Also, I was told I had a 30 day trial access to the inner circle, but when I try to log in, it asks for more payment. I've tried contacting Anthony with no response. I really want to make this work and don't mind paying for valuable information, but I'm at the point where I am going to have to request a refund. Any suggestions?



Oct 30, 2015
Good Website
by: Anonymous

I thank you for the nice effort. You have maintained this website very well. Not all the webmasters can maintain such a great website.

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