Jobs That Are In Demand

You may be asking yourself, " What are some jobs that are in demand?" With mountains of "job opportunities" and people promising you that what they have will make you wealthy through their easy 5 step get-rich-click programs, it becomes overwhelming and easy to just give up. I should know.

I've dreamed my entire life. I've spent $1,000 on online money-making programs and have fallen for several of those flashy and fake hired actor-type videos. They talk the talk, give you their rags to riches sob story and then try to sell you something or give you discounts for the last 10 times you've been trying to exit their site.

I never asked myself if these were jobs that are in demand

But what you should be asking yourself are these questions as well.

1. What are jobs that pay well?

2. What's a recession proof business?

3. What's the best business to start up no matter what state the economy is in? 

4. What's an exciting and FUN business to start? I show you why these are cool jobs.

5. What business doesn't require a lot of start up capital and little to no overhead?

6. What business requires little to no experience to start?

7. What business requires no advertising or any kind of marketing?

8. And Yes, What are the kind of jobs that are in demand?

It is, without a doubt, the...

Property Clean Up / Foreclosure Property Preservation Industry.

But let's get back to talking about Jobs that are in demand.  You've heard it said, "There are two things certain in life. Death and taxes."  

Well, that tells us that there will always be 2 jobs that are in demand, a mortician and a tax collector. Sorry, I mean an IRS agent ;)

Let me also include: 

Tax preparers, policemen, firemen, soldiers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc... but I'm sure we could think of several more jobs that are in demand and considered a staple in a down economy.

So how can we apply this to the foreclosure property clean up industry?

Easy! Banks are foreclosing on homes at a remarkable rate ever since the housing bubble burst in 2008 (depending on how far back you want to pin this). That means years of job opportunities for people like you and I with no end in sight.

Many, though, are skeptical about getting into this lucrative market because of reports of the mortgage field industry showing signs of "profit" and increased home sales.

That doesn't bother me one bit if someone doesn't think this will be a profitable venture for them due to "not enough" foreclosed homes on the market.

I'm always hearing reports in the news about how something isn't really as bad as it seems. They don't want to scare people because it'll have a negative reaction on Wall Street. Sometimes in order to swallow something you have to take it with a grain of salt, or even sometimes, a spoon full of sugar.

Here's the truth that you CAN swallow

This isn't just truth, it's also "Good News" for you and me. Any time there's a negative impact on the economy it takes years for the markets to adjust.

In this case, concerning the housing market, experts, economists, professionals and gurus (not the ones full of false hopes maintaining their healthy stock dividends) all agree that the high rate of foreclosures will be here for the next 15-20 years. Making the property clean up business another one of those jobs in demand as stated above.

How "In-Demand" is this business?

Here's a chart from RealtyTrac showing the foreclosures from 2006-2013

Okay, so it looks like the foreclosure rate has declined in 2011 from 2010 and even a little more in 2012 right? We have about 1 million less foreclosures. It also looks like the property clean up business is starting to die off too right?

1. Yes, to the first question. We saw a pretty big decline in 2011 and 2012 compared to that of 2010 and previously.

But to someone who's not in the industry or follows much of these statistics it would seem perfectly reasonable that the "experts" with their ear-tickling, false hopes were right. The market "IS" turning around.

It depends on what the meaning of the word "IS" is Mr. & Mrs Jury.

Sure you can write it down on paper like it "IS" turning around because the numbers never lie but the reason behind the numbers is simple. 

Just like when the "robo-signing" spun out of control and loan officers were deputized in the liking's of Barney Fife, they were ready to pencil-whip any contract that came across their desk. The only difference was they were armed with plenty of pens and weren't afraid to use them. But I digress.

The banks were also foreclosing at a remarkable rate almost in the same manner and just like certain laws came out concerning the robo-signing and chastising the banks for doing so, new laws came out to address the robo-closures.

But banks also knew about these laws and were trying to get as many foreclosures of their books and into new ownership as quick as possible.

These new laws put tighter restrictions on the way that mortgage companies and/or sheriffs etc... evict a "homeowner". More people in certain states were also allowed to live up to 2 years in their home before being evicted.

Just imagine that. No job and no mortgage payment but plenty of unemployment checks for two yrs. Yet I digress, again.

2. These laws, though, are really not a factor concerning the foreclosure property clean up jobs that are in demand right now. In fact, they actually propel, or better yet, catapult businesses into making even more insane profits from the services we provide. 

They just prolong them for years to come. The bank WILL foreclose eventually and the homeowner's time will run out if they haven't already walked out. After all, the mortgage lender has a lot of money vested in the properties.

It doesn't really matter who owns the property if even the government. The fact will always be inevitable that someone MUST take care of these distressed and abandoned properties. 

Will This Be You Who Profits?

Furthermore, local cities, counties and HOA's are now going after the lenders to maintain the properties even if they have already been trashed out. Lawns need to be re-cut, bushes trimmed, vines pulled off of houses, snow removed, winterizations to keep pipes from freezing. 

Also when a property changes from one lender or asset management company to another, then the locks need to be re-keyed and maid refreshes and ongoing inspections.

Now I want you to look at the chart above again. Because...

I'm going to show you another chart that will hit a little closer to home and completely blow you away.

Let's say you hadn't seen the record year of 2010 but you first saw the year of 2012. Wouldn't that still have been enough to blow your mind concerning the amount of foreclosures nationwide compared to 05 and 06?

Wouldn't that have been enough evidence to prove to you that these are one of the few jobs that are in demand AND recession proof?

So this industry isn't dying. Not by a long shot.

Especially since it's one of the hottest jobs that are in demand right now.

It's just merely regulated. In fact, it's just getting started. Many people don't even know about the property clean up industry and most that do...Don't even know who to contact to get the jobs or even how to do the jobs.

They think that you get them from the banks and this just isn't true. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing to start in this industry because they didn't choose to copy success or follow a simple proven plan.

That's why it's extremely important to know what you're getting into and to know the industry. You only have one shot, because what you say, who you communicate with, and how you communicate with them will either get you jobs for years to come or never get called again.

So what's this chart I was talking about? Below is a current trend for the month of December. This is a foreclosure heat map from  Remember this is only for one month. It's important you keep this in mind.

Okay now, let's pick on Colorado because it's perfectly square kind of, I like a well rounded state :-)

Put your mouse on Adams county. (If the chart above doesn't load then click on Colorado on the US heat map above or click here (opens in new window).

Now draw an imaginary 60 mile radius. This is how I determine my coverage area. So you will cover about 6-8 counties.

This helps you to expand your coverage area and clientele base as they manage properties like this too. You may do trashouts in your competitor's county and they may do some in your county. You go where the work is. That's the nature of this industry.

So how many trashouts do you think you can take care of in one month?

1 crew of 3 can handle about 3 trashouts in 1 week, respectively. A typical trashout can take 1-3 days depending on the size and scope of work to be done. 

That's about 12 jobs or properties/mo. Most of the time there are several services to perform at one property.

That'll put a nice chunk of change in your pocket too. Now look at how many foreclosures there are per month in your 60 miles radius.

Now do you see why these are
jobs that are in demand?

It's really kind of a good thing that the foreclosures slowed down because, as it stands right now, there's still not enough people like you and I to handle the amount of foreclosures flooding the market every day, let alone every month.

That's why I'm not afraid of competition and if you do a great job, the work orders will start poring in faster than what you can handle. You'll have to hire more people and you will be busy running and bidding jobs and keeping your crew happy with work and a steady income.

You're providing a great community service while providing work for those who need to put food on the table for their families.

So if you think you have what it takes to fulfill the needs of one of the hottest jobs that are in demand today and for years to come, then please take advantage of this opportunity right now.

If you're not afraid to get down and dirty, not afraid to put some rubber gloves on, scrub toilets or cash large checks while providing families with jobs, then sign up for the Free Webinar hosted by my mentor Anthony Simonie in the Property preservation trashout business.

More great things to come! Now let's go make some money!

All the best,
~Pauly Piccirillo
Teaching, Inspiring and Empowering

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P.S. U.S. Initial for Unemployment Insurance is at a current level of 366,000
         first time claims. That's about 8% unemployment rate for Feb 2013. 
         This is unacceptable and no where near a growth rate.

Don't shoot the messenger, take advantage of him :)

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