How to Scrap Metal from Property Foreclosures...and Get Paid To Do It!

I want to show you how to scrap metal from foreclosed homes and how profitable it is for supplemental income. Now you can't make a living from it since it's not your primary job but a little here and a little there will add up to thousands at the end of the year.

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Scrapping metal is getting more and more popular as the economy continues to be uncertain. People are finding out that they can get a lot of cash for metal and I don't mean gold.

Also, More people are getting evicted or just walking away from their upside down homes. 

That's just another reason why the banks need you and I to take everything out but the kitchen sink. Okay...I know. That's metal too and trust me. We've traded those for cash as well.

So let me get right to the point so that you can see proof of my scrap metal profits.

Anthony Simonie leaves out a couple of key points in his online webinar.

He doesn't talk much about the treasures or junk that people leave behind in the foreclosed homes, but as a student of his I would like to show you the extra profit there is in where and how to scrap metal putting literally thousands in your pocket to go on a nice vacation or pay off a credit card.

Already off to a great start in 2013
for scrapping metal.

This was a picture taken on Jan 9th 2013. We performed a trashout on a house out in the country the following week. 

It had a two story house and two story barn.

My son said it was a hang-out and not a barn. We loaded metal siding, work out equipment, a fridge and you name it.

Now here's more metal we're loading in the trailer from the same house. I charged $2,000 to trashout the house and barn and it took us 2 days. The snow really slowed us down. 

I took 2 trailer loads of scrap metal to the scrapyard and profited nearly $300 in metal. So, instead of having to pay to throw the metal in the trash, my profit was nearly $2,300 for 2 days worth of work. We are starting out 2013 pretty good.

** Warning! **

Showing you my pics of how to scrap metal proves to you that this is not a Get-Rich-Quick, push-of-the-button, run-of-the-mill just-another-money-making program. You can see my subcontractor loading the trailer in the bitter cold with snow on the ground.

If you're afraid to get down and dirty and you skip around on your tippy toes everywhere you go then profiting from property clean up is NOT for you (unless you plan on hiring subcontractors and No! I don't tippy toe around :) I also get pretty dirty too ;-p

More proof on how to scrap metal for profit.

Below are all of my 2012 receipts for scraping metal. I won't show every single one but you get the point. This was 30 trips to the metal scrapyard for a total of over 16,000 pounds and $2,000 cash in pocket.





And Here's the Rest.

Now you know how to scrap metal and where to find scrap metal but what kinds of metal can you scrap? What metal will they take at the scrapyard?

There are two types of metals that you need to separate:

Ferrous - Metal containing iron and is therefore magnetic.

Non-ferrous - Has an absence of iron therefore will not be magnetic in any way.

I always carry a magnet around with me so when I bring the metal back home I can put each metal into its respectful pile. Unless I'm in a hurry then I'll just throw it all in the trailer and take the magnet with me and sort it at the yard.

Here's a list of things that a metal recycling facility will take.

1. Metal - (well I have to list this you know ;-)
This will be the cheapest payout per pound and is usually called "shred"

2. Copper - Clean is called #1 then #2 and #3 is dirtier. #1 pays the best. Also there is something called "copper breakage". This is when there are other metals attached to it like brass fittings and so on. This reduces your price per pound. 

3. Aluminum - Self-explanatory and there is also aluminum breakage.

4. Brass - Also brass breakage.

5. Lead - Even batteries like car or mower batteries. This especially saves you from having to pay to dispose of a hazardous material. You can get up to $9 or more for one battery.

6. Electrical wiring - This is your copper mostly. If you don't want to strip everything them they will still except it with the rubber insulation. Believe me, it all ads up. If you're between jobs and have the time then strip away. You can also buy some wiring stripping machines just YouTube it.

7. All appliances - Refrigerators and window units must have the Freon removed before the facility will except them. But let me tell you a secret. There is valuable copper in the fridge and window units. The compressors will bring money and the radiator coils will too.

8. All electric motors - Depending on how big the motor is, you may want to take the copper out of it.

9. Gold & silver - forget about it!

The list goes on and you'll know when you get to the facility. They may have a print out for you but never pricing as it always changes almost daily.

Now let's go from "where to find scrap metal" and "how to scrap metal" to where to take scrap metal.

Some landfills have there own metal recycling program so you may ask when you're down there.

Also your local transfer station may take your metal too but not pay you for it. It's better to call first.

Then the best place is the metal recycling centers or facilities.  Just Google it in your local area. I found a company called iscrap app. It's an online directory of scrap metal yards. There's also an app for smart phones when you're on the go. I have not tried the app. and not all scrapyards are listed as they have to pay.

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