Cool Jobs In Trashing Out Foreclosures

Here's why there are so many cool jobs in the foreclosure property clean up business. 

It's like a a a Job!

1. It's A Job!

Okay 1st you all know it's already one of the best jobs and well paying jobs working in the foreclosure property clean up business, right?

1. I get an email
2. I go to the property and bid the job
3. I win the bid and then I take the crew and trashout the house and
4. I get paid very well to do it. Right?

So now we have the 1st "It's A Job" out of the way. Now let's move on to the 2nd...

2. It's A Job...In A Job!

If you've been to my How to Scrap Metal page then you know that I get paid to haul this junk to the dump. 

But I don't take it to the dump. I take it to the metal scrap yard and get cash for:

1. Metal
2. copper
3. Aluminum
4. Brass
5. Lead
6. Electric wires
7. Appliances And more and more etc...

That's like someone paying you $50 to take there washing machine to the metal scrap yard where you will get more $$$ in return. Now I'll do that all-day-long.

I've been paid well over $200 for one load and some houses that we clean up have even two loads of just scrap metal.

Now are you seeing why these are cool jobs? I've just showed you 2 of the best jobs in the foreclosure property clean up industry that pay well especially if you're wanting to start up a recession proof business.

Now on to the best part and one of the most interesting jobs that I've ever come across.

3. It's A Job...In A a Job!

Have you ever watched the show "Storage Wars"?

1. They bid on an abandoned self-storage unit
2. They win the bid
3. They pay big money for the unit (when they don't even really know what's all in it)
4. Then they sell those items to make up for the initial cost and hope to turn a profit

Well...That's what I do too, BUT I Do know what's in the house and I don't pay for any items inside. My clients actually pay ME to get rid of the items for them.

How do I get rid of these items and make a profit?

I sell them on Craigslist and on Ebay and to friends and family. I also keep a lot of these items for myself.

These are cool jobs to have and fulfilling too but the most fulfilling thing I get to do with these free items is to give them to people that are in need.

I understand that people get foreclosed on for whatever reason. Most of the time it's their fault too. I'm not being insensitive but they have to uphold their end of the contract.

Even if they are 100% to blame because they're lazy, I think it's a terrible outcome for anyone to be kicked out of their home. So my way of giving back is to give some of these items away to those that couldn't otherwise afford something like a dryer or washing mashing etc...

That is, other than getting paid well, one of the most (if not THE most) fulfilling part of this business. I get to give back.

Here are some pictures of the many items that I've come across and sold, kept or given away in 2012. Just some. I've deleted many before I even knew I would upload them.

I can't really tell you why people leave these things behind except for the fact that they can't take them with them wherever they're going.

If you want to get into these cool jobs too then sign up for the Free Webinar from Anthony, get your video training, and start profiting BIG from some of the most interesting jobs and best jobs that are out there in the foreclosure trashout business.

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Like I always say, "One man's treasure is another man's treasure".
(and, I'm not a pirate either)

Click on any picture to view in gallery 

Free Ten Speed from my cool Jobs in the property clean up business
Autographed Balls from foreclosure cleaning
Baby/Toddler's play things free from property clean up
chest of drawers from my foreclosure property preservation business
Chest of drawers and a 5 DVD changer
Old fashioned grass cutter
Paintball equipment from a trashout
Garden tools for my garden
Refrigerator from a trashout in a nice house
A roll top desk for my daughter's school work
A salon chair from a really nasty trashout
Aiwa surround sound system BOY!
WOW! what a big mouth and a big head. Look at that shark jaw too!
Lovely wicker table from a farm house

Why haven't you signed up for the FREE Webinar yet. You've got to get into this industry and start reaping the rewards.

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